How many skateparks are in Indianapolis?

Currently there is only one public outdoor skatepark.  At Lake Sullivan Sport Complex (3649 Cold Springs Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46222)

There is an indoor skatepark at Nomad Skate Shop (1008 E. Sumner Ave. Indianapolis IN 46227.  The park is open to the public during business hours for a small fee.

What are the hours of the skateparks in Indianapolis?

The skatepark at Lake Sullivan is open 24 hours.  There are lights but sometimes some are out and they are not very bright.

Are there any skateboard shops in Indianapolis?

There are a few skateboard shops around the Indianapolis area. Inside Indianapolis there is Nomad Skateshop, Sun Valley Sports, and just north of Indy there is Rise Skateboard Shop.I want to bring my 5 year old to the skatepark, when is a good time to do this? The best time for a beginner skateboarder would be in the morning hours especially during the week.  The peak times are from about 430 pm until dark, depending on the weather. A busy skatepark can be unsafe for someone that is just learning.  It is important to learn the flow and etiquette of the skatepark.

Which skate parks in Indy have lights?

Lake Sullivan does have lights. however they are not sufficient for proper use. This is an issue we hope to address in the future.  

Which skate parks have public restrooms/water?

There is a water spigot at Lake Sullivan but currently there are no restrooms.  There are a few gas stations close by that can be used. This is another issue we are working on.

Is safety gear required at any skate parks in Indy?

Safety gear is not required but it is recommended.

Which skate parks require you to pay to skate?

Only the Indoor skatepark.  The advocates work hard to ensure that all outdoor (public) parks will remain free.

Where can I skate if it’s raining?

Nomad skateshop or drive to neighboring cities like Bloomington or Florence, KY.

Are there a lot of girls who skate at the parks?

There is a small amount of girls but that number seems to increase all the time! Skateparks don’t discriminate!

What can I do if I see people vandalising the skate park?

You can email the advocates or message us on Facebook.  You can politely ask the person to stop if you feel like it won’t result in a confrontation.  Remember it is our skatepark and those kind of activities jeopardize further progress.

What are typical skatepark rules?  

There are rules posted at each individual skatepark.  Respect is number one. Respect for the property and the users.

What are the unspoken skate park rules?

Not necessarily.  There is a flow to the park that is important to take notice to avoid a collision. Is there anyone who gives skateboarding/BMX lessons? Currently there are no lessons.  However if there is a large request I am sure the advocates could help make that happen.

Are bikes allowed at all of the skate parks?


If I don’t have a lot of money to donate, how else can I help?

You can follow our social media and sign up for our email list. by doing this, you will know when we need volunteers for events and special projects. 

My kid wants to start skating.  What do I need to do to get him/her started?

Something to ride and a ride to the skatepark! It would be a very good idea to become comfortable riding and turning your bike or skateboard before bringing it to the advanced terrain inside the skatepark.  A flat surface with no obstructions is the best place to learn.  When people ask me how to learn its all about being on your board. The more time you spend riding the better you will be.

Why should I support building a skatepark?

Skateparks provide a safe and legal place to practice riding your skateboard, bicycle, or roller blades.  It also creates a community where you can always show up and see a friend. Skateparks are a great space to exercise your body and mind.

Will skateboarding be a bad influence on my kid?

No way! There are some bad eggs everywheres, but the majority of kids are just at the skatepark to learn how to ride their boards, bikes, or blades.  The days of skateboarding having a bad rap are in the past. Public acceptance has greatly improved in recent years. general intro to skateboarding links:what are some online resources about the history and culture of skateboarding? (links to websites, list of movies (dogtown, bones brigade etc)

History of Skateboarding


Bones Brigade

Tony Hawk Foundation

What are some online resources for girls who skateboard?

Scholastic News

Girls Riders Organization